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How NOT to diet By Dr Michael Greger

How not to diet

This is the most scientifically researched book on diet and weight loss on the market. Very humorous. Easy to read and understand. It is a do-it-your-self plan which educates you and does not sell you any snake oil supplements. It will show you what works and what does not. 

It educates you on how not to become a victim of the hundreds of diet scams on the market. 

I can endorse this book 100% because it is written by not only a brilliant man but one of total scientific and ethical integrity.  

For a taste of the information it gives, see Dr. Gregers YouTube video



Good Health to You. 

Dr. Banwatt



Dr Banwatt Ramnik Banwatt, MD Lifestyle Medicine and Internal Medicine Board Certified physician Practicing in Spring Hill, Florida

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